The Hilarious Joke-telling Game for All the Family.

"An excellent companion to any family night, car trip, flight, or party."

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This isn't like any other joke book on the market!
It is a GAME - disguised as a book. The game can be played between friends, siblings, cousins, or any two people (or teams) who enjoy telling jokes. This book is hours of fun, and great gift ideas for Kids of all ages from 6 to 106!
Guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the whole family - spending time together in a way that you can all enjoy.

Punchlines offers:
  • A family-friendly game for all ages, that you can play anytime, anywhere;
  • Develop children's confidence in reading, speaking and boost their creativity;
  • Create fun memories that’ll last a lifetime;
  • Friendly, fun competition to lift a wet weekend, a long journey... or anytime;
  • The perfect game-book to share when you want quality time with family and friends;
  • Content written for a British Audience with British spellings.
This fresh take on a 'joke book' is a guaranteed hit for all ages - sure to bring you hours of laughter, creativity and fun!

Your children will love it and so will you.

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