Danny Got To Number 8

written by johdu | News

January 18, 2021

Thank you for helping

If you downloaded ‘Look Out Danny James’ in the last few days (the weekend of the 16th January) then please give yourself a big ‘thank you’ from me.

The downloads that weekend shot Danny up to Number 8 in the Kindle charts.

Wow, it took his breath away, and he was so heartily excited he couldn’t eat his tea (well, that’s not true… he couldn’t eat any vegetables, but he did just manage double helpings of chicken).

Anyway, he’s coming down to Earth now, that’s the book I mean. Slowly dropping down the charts… but still it was worth it for the excitement it caused.

Now, a bit of a favour. If you downloaded the book, and have read it, please consider leaving a review. There are a million, billion, trillion books on Amazon and the reviews are a key way for new readers to find them. Of course, we want readers to find Danny, so a review would help enormously.



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