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"Stories with a touch of adventure and a heart of humour."

A brand new, fun-for-all-the-family, game that looks like a book!

Meet Danny. His life is always filled with chaos.

Right now, he's plotting ingenious ways to raise money. He needs to replace a broken vase, and FAST!

The trouble is, every idea he tries just makes more trouble than cash.

Will Danny make amends?

Will his plans just bring him heaps of trouble?

Find out in this fun-filled, adventure story - available from Amazon.

Danny's Back...

Trouble's here - it's Danny.

He's only been in school a few weeks and his smart ideas are already annoying the teachers.

But annoying the Headteacher is only a small problem compared with what he and his friend Luke discover next.

It looks like there's a giant beast roaming the streets... and this heap of trouble comes with fur and sharp teeth.

Can Danny keep himself and his family safe?

Find out in Danny's second adventure.

Danny made this!

Sorry, we did try to stop him but Danny escaped with the computer and wrote his own book!

Danny's always been a joker. Now, he's proven it. With over 100 pages of jokes, puns and some great joke-telling advice, direct from the troublesome teenager himself.

Guaranteed to make everyone giggle - its an absolute JokeFest!

First Words

Sam Bates doesn't speak much...
his dog does the talking!

An engaging story about confidence, friendship, growing-up, loyalty and secrets. Ideal for slightly younger readers.

The story crackles with snappy dialogue and mild adventure.

Available as an Amazon eBook, or an Audiobook narrated by Randy Therio.

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