Books by Max Delaney

Trust Danny James

Danny James is an 11-year-old genius, particularly when it comes to talking his way out of any awkward situation. His confident and likeable nature means that he is rarely in trouble for long. But there's always a first time...

Join the fun, and read about Danny's madcap adventures - ideal for 7-9 year olds

Look Out Danny James

Danny’s passion for ingenious money-making schemes sees him taking part in a photography competition. However, what starts out as a straightforward idea, quickly becomes worryingly complex.

With real danger on the loose, can Danny keep himself, his family and his friends safe?

Join the fun, and read about Danny's madcap adventures - ideal for 7-9 year olds

Danny's Joke Fest

Danny's taken over the computer and written his own book of jokes, stories and funny one-liners. We did try to stop him... But who can stop Danny James?

Hundreds of Jokes, Puns and Funny Stories - each one handpicked and handcrafted.

Danny says, "All of these jokes are selected by kids for kids - it's the perfect choice for a funny gift."

Join the fun, and enjoy more of Danny's very special brand of humour - ideal for 7-9 year olds

Punch Lines

The hilarious joke-telling game for all the family.

Punchlines is fun GAME, disguised as a book. It is an excellent companion to any family night, car trip, flight, or party. This isn't like any other joke book on the market!

This fresh take on a 'joke book' is the perfect game to share when you want quality time with family and friends... A guaranteed hit for all ages.

Your children will love it and so will you.

First Words

This is a unique children’s story that deals with confidence, friendship, loyalty and secrets.

The tale has a mellow, charming quality; however, the story crackles with snappy dialogue and intriguing events. The story is an entertaining and engaging mix of the ordinary meeting the extraordinary.

Ideal for 6-8 year olds who are just growing in confidence as readers.