Extract from Chapter 3

"One of a pair"

They were back in his bedroom, unopened boxes were piled everywhere from the house-move. All of the rooms of the house were similar, but Danny’s room seemed to be the one filled with most boxes. Ellie was sitting on one box with a taped down label which said ‘Books’, Danny was on the end of his bed.

Ellie held the pieces of the vase in place while Danny looked to see if there were any gaps in the pattern. In places the scraps of china fitted together well, leaving only a hairline crack. Unfortunately, there were other sections where the pieces didn’t match at all.

“Mum will be cross.” Ellie said, “No matter how you glue this it’s not going to look right.”

“Of course she’ll be cross, this was her favourite.” Danny said gloomily. “You know when we moved house she wrapped this vase in tons of bubble wrap. She even put it in a box inside another box to protect it. She’s always loved this one.”

“So you threw it out the window?”

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