Extract from Chapter 2

"Rushing into things"

Danny stumbled to his feet. His jeans were torn and there seemed to be blood on the arms of his shirt. What worried him most though was what remained on the floor. He picked up the pieces of the vase, cradled them in his hands and headed towards the kitchen. Just as he got close, the door opened and his sister stormed out.

“Danny, what were you doing?” She looked him up and down.

Danny grinned: “I wasn’t flying, that’s for sure.” Then he grimaced as the pain in his knees returned.

“Are you alright?”

Danny was touched that her concern seemed real. His sister was a few years older than him, and that gap meant that there tended to be a cool sense of acceptance between them rather than any true friendship.

“You should be careful,” Ellie continued. “Why were your hanging out of the…” She stopped abruptly and…

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