Trouble has a new name: Danny James 

Danny, a quick thinking, 11-year old has been in tricky situations before. So, he’s not worried when an unusual accident means he has to find ways to raise money.

But, Danny does things too fast - He never stops to think.

When he decides to buy his mum a present, he ends up smashing a precious vase and falls out of a window at the same time. His attempts to replace the vase lead him and his new friend into business ventures and, more worryingly, into real danger!

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Chapter Extracts

Chapter 1: The Fall
Danny James clicked the mouse button and immediately regretted the action. In that moment he knew his world had just ended.
Chapter 2: “Rushing into Things”
Danny stumbled to his feet. His jeans were torn and there seemed to be blood on the arms of his shirt. What worried him most though...
Chapter 3: “One of a Pair”
They were back in his bedroom, unopened boxes were piled everywhere from the house-move. All of the rooms of the house were similar, but...

Arriving in February!
Sorry, I missed the January deadline
... getting back on track as soon as possible

Too Many Jedi
a Danny James Short Story

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